In the first instance

I never really knew of such beautiful places until I moved home.

31 July 2013.  I landed back in New Plymouth, New Zealand. I didn’t want to be back.

29 years old, single, and had nothing but two suitcases with me. This was not what I had planned.  However it was happening.

Summer arrived and changed my mind. I started a new job, reunited with old friends, made new friends and I started running. I went for my first ‘hike’ (walk really) after being home for nine months, around Lake Mangamahoe.  That view! Across the lake up to Mount Taranaki, I was beginning to fall in love with something new.

That view though!

Two long time friends, one with with her brand new edition in tow, one new friend (who I decided to keep), a fur ball and I walked around the lake that day.  Being with these people and enjoying myself, I could feel the appreciation for the outdoors and nature beginning to engulf me.

Christian, Rebecca, Courtney and I, with Aubrey in the front pack


Embracing Tao, you become embraced.
Supple, breathing gently, you become reborn.
Clearing your vision, you become clear.
Nurturing your beloved, you become impartial.
Opening your heart, you become accepted.
Accepting the World, you embrace Tao.
Bearing and nurturing,
Creating but not owning,
Giving without demanding,
Controlling without authority,
This is love.
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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